Diocese of Rockville Centre

1) Hyde Amendment Letter from Bishop Barres dated July 8, 2021:  Hyde Amendment July 2021

2) Catholic Ministries Appeal Letter from Bishop Barres (in English and Spanish):  CMA Letter in English and Spanish 


3) Blessing of the Altar - Saturday, May 29, 2021

The Meaning Of The Holy Relics Which Are Placed In The New Altar:  The tradition of the relics placed within the altar “table” is dated to the first centuries of Christianity, when the early communities of the faithful were persecuted for their faith.  They had to meet clandestinely, often in the catacombs.  It was in the catacombs that Holy Mass was celebrated over the graves of the martyred saints, that is, over their bodily remains that subsequently became Holy Relics.  Once the Christian faith became widely accepted and officially sanctioned, most new churches carried on the tradition of having a saint’s relic under the stone piece on the altar.  At St. Joseph the Worker, we have the relics of four great saints: Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Bonaventure, Saint Jerome, and Saint Ambrose.  May their intercession help us to become a community of faithful believers. 

The three pictures below show the stone on the altar table and the relics of the saints.


The Most Reverend John O. Barres - Bishop of Rockville Centre, along with our Pastor Reverend Janusz Mocarski, our Assistant Pastor Reverend Charlince Vendredy, and Deacon Al Pickford were present for the new altar blessing.  Additional pictures from the altar blessing:

Bishop Barres with Mary Louise Delano

Bishop Barres with Mary Louise Delano (above) and blessing parishioners (below)

Bishop Barres with parishioners


View of the new altar (above)

The Most Reverend John O. Barres, Bishop of Rockville Centre (pictured below)

Bishop Barres

Bishop with Carlos Arriaza

Bishop Barres with Carlos Arriaza and his daugher Daniela (pictured above)

View of the sanctuary (pictured below)

full pulpit