Spiritual Adoption/Right to Life

Spiritual Adoption

...a great prayer for life is urgently needed, a prayer which will rise up throughout the world… may an impassioned plea rise to God, the Creator and lover of life, from every Christian community, from every group and association, from every family and from the heart of every believer.” – Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae (The Gospel of Life), n. 100.

Everyone loves the beauty and innocence of a baby.  As an expression of that love, St. Joseph the Worker announces an adoption program for young and old alike.  The members of St. Joseph the Worker parish family will soon have the opportunity to “spiritually adopt” a child who is newly conceived this month.  Not all babies make it to birth.

Many parents tragically experience the loss of a child to miscarriage or premature birth.  And more than 3,000 babies lose their lives to abortion each day.  These are the babies you are being asked to “adopt” simply by praying for him or her each day.

You may “adopt” a child individually or as a family.

Pledge cards will be in the back of the church and Prayer Pledges will be collected during Mass.  There will also be prayer cards in the back of church for you to take.  Pledge cards and prayer cards are also available on the website (drop down menu under Spiritual Adoptions).

  • It is suggested that you name the child for whom you will be praying, which will remind you that although you may never meet the child in this life, you truly are praying for a specific child who needs your prayers.  Watch in the bulletin and on the website, for the Little One posters of monthly reports describing “your baby’s” development.  In December we will celebrate the “birth” of our spiritually adopted babies by collecting baby items which will be given to mothers in need of assistance.
  • There are millions of unborn babies desperately in need of your prayers.  Won’t you please “spiritually adopt” one and share the love for life that God have given you?
  • An Answered Prayer - a true story sent by a parishioner in Michigan:

For several years Dan and I participated in the Spiritual Adopt A Baby Program. I would name my baby each year to make it more personal and help me to remember to pray for Christopher and his mother.  This year in December, Dan had a carpet job to do (he is a carpet layer by trade) at the KC hall in Schuyler, just a few days before Christmas. I went along to help him because he was under a bind to get it done.  While we were working, my cousin and her daughter, Robin, came in with their Christmas food for their family get-together the next day. To our surprise Robin was very much pregnant and looked like she would be due very soon.  She was about sixteen years old.  Our hearts went out to their family and Robin, but the busy Christmas and the New Year family get-togethers kept us busy and we put Robin out of our minds.  In January my aunt told me that Robin had her baby, and she named him Christopher.  I was taken aback, and told her that I had named my Spiritual Adopt A Baby, Christopher.  My aunt looked shocked and said that Robin had contemplated abortion and had even driven by the abortion clinic. Then her brother talked her out of it.  There was our answered prayer right in front of us.  I would never have guessed that I was praying for a relative of mine and that I would see the answered prayer in front of my eyes.  When Robin heard about my prayers she invited Dan and me to Christopher’s Baptism.  What an awesome experience.  Christopher is now nine years old.  He is a beautiful young lad and he brings much pleasure to his mother and grandparents.  I often wonder what might have happened if I didn’t pray. Would Robin have had the courage to bear Christopher or would she have had the abortion?  Our prayers are so important for the unborn.  We may not see them answered as I did in this instance, but we know that they are answered.  We must have faith that God hears even our smallest prayer, for He loves the unborn.  He created them.