Haiti Mission Trip

I will be available to answer all
questions after all Masses on the Weekend of
November 14th & 15th.
Dear Friend,

I sincerely hope this note finds you and your family safe and healthy.  I realize it’s been a very challenging and stressful year for everyone, which makes it even harder for me to ask you for your assistance.

This will be my third Mission trip to Haiti this December 31-January 9,2021 with the Franciscan Friers and Sisters of the Renewal, led by Friar Suppliers.

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. In the village where we serve, 95% of the people are unemployed, and for those who have a job the average day’s earnings is about $2, if not less.  Food is also in very short supply, a person is lucky to eat one small meal of rice and beans every other day.  Education is not free, and this results in children with no access to any sort of education or opportunities to improve their lives as adults.  Medical care is mostly unavailable and costly.  Housing is often any place they can find and build themselves shelter out of cardboard, tin, wood sticks, etc.  Consequently, there is no plumbing, electricity nor clean running water.

What is this mission trip all about?  How are we of any help?  Well, we can truly make a difference.  In Haiti, we will be doing pastoral work to evangelize, as well as manual labor to build and restore as many places as we can in order to provide dignifying living conditions.  We will be transporting materials into remote sites and then building about 60 houses and latrines for families who are in desperate need. Water purification systems are also provided to each new homeowner, which is also shared with their neighbors.  This year, for the first time, we will be applying stain/sealer to the exterior of the houses to help extend their longevity.  We started one garden last January, and we now have 5 garden’s producing hundreds of pounds of various vegetables. 
This year we are also looking to start a Tilapia Pond so we can raise fish as an additional food source. We will be distributing approximately 60,000 lbs. of food to 2400 people, along with a clothing and shoe handout to all of our Haitian workers and to the 70 Blind families, which we send food to each month. 
An important aspect of our mission is to provide assistance to an orphanage that cares for 35 handicapped and mentally disabled children. A team of nurses and nurse assistants are also part of our volunteer group. Last year they treated over 1000 Haitians with various medical conditions with many being critical and life threatening.
As you can see, for us to continue and further reach our goals, we ask for your support.  This is the reason I am asking for your financial help, not for me but for the poor.  My fundraising goal is $2500.00, same as last year, but again hoping to exceed that amount. Please be assured that every dollar I raise will go entirely towards the projects we will take on.  I witnessed this both years past, it is truly an amazing mission.  There are no overhead costs and I personally pay for my own airfare, room and board. 
As we approach the Christmas season, let us reflect on the poverty Jesus and his family also experienced, and how this can be reflected in the poverty Haitians face every day.  Your donations will provide for the materials needed, and I promise you that I will deliver the muscle, the smiles, the hope and the love that these people need and so appreciate.
If you feel compelled to be part of this mission, I ask you to please make all checks out to FRIAR SUPPLIERS and MAIL back to ME.  A tax donation letter will be mailed to you in late January. 
If you have any questions please call me (631.286.2083).  My address is below.  Looking forward to hearing from you, thank yo again for supporting this vital mission. 
  Yours truly,
My address is:  Dominic Savio 
                           182 Union Ave.
                            East Patchogue, New York 11772
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