From pastor’s desk on the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, year A


On the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time the readings invite us to ponder on God’s generosity and the way God deals with human beings. First, a reading from the prophet Isaiah reminds us that God’s ways are very different than the world’s ways and that to which we are accustomed by nature. Isaiah speaks on behalf of God: 

My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the LORD. (…) As high as the heavens are above the earth, so high are my ways above your ways and my thoughts above your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:8-9). 

While meditating upon these words we must be aware that God is utterly different than what we usually construe in our heads. We cannot even comprehend the smallest “feature” of God if we are not illumined by grace. The only way to learn God’s ways is to listen to God Himself. How do we do that? It is by following and listening to our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the fullness of revelation of God. As the letter to the Hebrews states, “in these last days, [God] spoke to us through a Son” (Heb 1:1-2). Regarding this belief, St. John of the Cross commented, "In giving us his Son, He spoke everything to us. He has no more to say."

When we follow Jesus unreservedly and imitate His ways, we come to the true knowledge of God who has created us out of love and destined for love. The only thing we must do is to follow Him and to live in Him while being fed daily with the Word and the Eucharist. 

One of the basic truths of an authentically human development is that we learn by imitation. Yes, before we become creative ourselves, we must learn by imitation virtually everything we are able to do, beginning with simple behaviors like walking and using hands through language and the most advanced ways of being like art and music. This basic law of human development also applies to spiritual life. As children we learn prayers and fundamental moral principles until they become our own and permeate our entire life. However, none of this will happen unless we learn it from others. Ultimately, the way of God we learn from Christ who is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life” (John 14:6).

So, by listening to Jesus this Sunday let us learn one important feature of God, God’s plenteousness. In the passage from Matthew we read how our Lord told the parable of the laborers who were paid an equal wage although each one of them worked different number of hours. In this parable Jesus communicates how good and generous God is towards us. He reveals that God does not calculate according to human standards. Rather, God always remains kind and merciful, even towards those who come “late” to faith. 

Through this parable we learn two things. First, God showers abundant graces upon all of us, without showing any partiality. It does not mater from what backgrounds we come from, or what kind of socio-economic status we have; we are all dependent on His grace.  The only thing we must do is to open our hearts and minds to receive what God has to offer without trying to bargain. That is the better way—let God endow us according to His infinite generosity.

Secondly, we must remember that we will never match God’s kindness. We only learn to be generous with each other through God’s “plenteous redemption.”  Jesus teaches us that if we surrender to Him, we also become like Him: generous, kind, forgiving, merciful, all holy. The examples of that are the saints who entrusted their lives to Christ and the Blessed Mother and were never disappointed. So, trust God and He will do more for you than you can imagine.

Have a blessed week. God love you. 

Fr. Janusz Mocarski, pastor














st. joseph the worker church

Building On Our Past, Building For Our Future Campaign


We have achieved just over 100% of our campaign goal of $300,000 with only 9% of our parish families making a contribution to the Building On Our Past, Building For Our Future campaign. Now that we have surpassed our goal, we will prepare to address the secondary projects listed below. With the support of every family, this campaign will be a historic success for St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church!


As we approach the culmination of our campaign, we ask that all of you who have been contacted by a member of our parish and have not made a gift decision to prayerfully consider making a sacrificial contribution at your earliest convenience. Families who have not made their gift decision can do so by obtaining a commitment card at Mass or complete the card that you received in the mail. Your prayers for our continued efforts are important to us.


This is a very exciting time for St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, and I would be honored for each of you to join us in this effort.


I am asking each of us to consider a small amount each month over a two-year period. Pledging allows each of us the opportunity to make a sacrificial gift that will help to shape the Church we leave for future generations of Catholic families in our community. The suggested giving plans listed below are an example of how a pledge can have a profound impact on our parish community.


Our parish community will utilize funds contributed to our campaign to:


Initial Projects

Create a handicapped-accessible ramp into the church hall $170,000

Create a handicapped-accessible bathroom in the church hall $40,000

Expand handicapped parking spaces at the rear of the church $20,000

Reshape storage spaces in the hall due to new construction $15,000


Secondary Projects

Repair and reseal stained glass windows

Repair leaks in the second confessional and friary

Repair parking lot electrical lines

Repair sprinkler system in Mary’s Garden

Build patio next to the friary and add storage sheds on the property


Suggested Gift Plans (24 months)

$417 per month over 24 months = $10,000!!

$209 per month over 24 months = $5,000!!

$125 per month over 24 months = $3,000!!

$83.33 per month over 24 months = $2,000!!


Thank you to our volunteers and to all who have given to make our campaign a success. Your gift to the Building On Our Past, Building For Our Future campaign is truly appreciated!


Thank you for your continued support!







st. joseph la iglesia o obrero

Construir sobre nuestro pasado, construir para nuestra campaña futura


Hemos logrado poco más del 100% de nuestra meta de campaña de $300,000 con sólo el 9% de nuestras familias parroquiales haciendo una contribución a la campaña Building On Our Past, Building For Our Future. Now que hemos superado nuestro objetivo,nos prepararemos para abordar los proyectos secundarios enumerados a continuación. ¡Con el apoyo de cada familia, esta campaña será un éxito histórico para la Iglesia Católica De San José Obrero!


A medida que nos acercamos a la culminación de nuestra campaña, pedimos que todos ustedes que han sido contactados por un miembro de nuestra parroquia y no han tomado una decisión de regalo para considerar con espíritu de oración hacer una contribución de sacrificio lo antes posible. Lasamilias que no hayan tomado su decisión de regalo pueden hacerlo obteniendo una tarjeta de compromiso en La Misa o completando la tarjeta que recibió por correo. Sus oraciones por nuestros esfuerzos continuos son importantes para nosotros.


Tel suyo es un momento muy emocionante para San José el Trabajador De la Iglesia Católica, y me sería honrado por cada uno deustedes para unirse a nosotros en este esfuerzo.


Pido a cada uno de nosotros que consideremos una pequeña cantidad cada mes durante un período de dos años. La promesa nos permite a cada uno de nosotros la oportunidad de hacer un don de sacrificio que ayudará a dar forma a la Iglesia que dejamos para las generaciones futuras de familias católicas en nuestra comunidad. Los planes de donación sugeridos que se enumeran a continuación son un ejemplo de cómo una promesa puede tener un impacto profundo en nuestra comunidad parroquial.


Nuestra comunidad parroquial utilizará los fondos que contribuyó a nuestra campaña para:

Proyectos iniciales

Crear una rampa accesible para discapacitados en el salón de la iglesia $170,000

Crear un baño accesible para minusválidos en el salón de la iglesia $40,000

Ampliar las plazas de estacionamiento para discapacitados en la parte trasera de la iglesia $20,000

Remodelar los espacios de almacenamiento en la sala debido a la nueva construcción $15,000


Proyectos secundarios

Reparación y sesillas de vidrieras reseales

Reparar fugas en el segundo confesionario y friary

Reparación de líneas eléctricas del estacionamiento

Sistema de reparación de aspersores en Mary's Garden

Construir patio junto al convento y añadir vaizos de almacenamiento en la propiedad


Planes de regalo sugeridos (24 meses)

$417 por mes durante 24 meses $ 10,000!!

$209 por mes durante 24 meses $ 5,000!!

$125 por mes durante 24 meses $ 3,000!!

$83.33 por mes durante 24 meses $ 2,000!!

Gracias a nuestros voluntarios y a todos los que han dado para que nuestra campaña sea un éxito. ¡Su regalo a la