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Letters to the editor: Action v. Inaction, Excommunicated Catholics

Dear Editor: Confused by Vatican actions; The importance of Nostra Aetate, Lincoln Catholics and excommunication; Looking for opportunities to proclaim Christ the Light; Politicians and abortion.

Decision to stop Texas execution called 'example of restorative justice'

The Catholic bishops of Texas praised Gov. Greg Abbott for stopping the execution of death-row inmate Thomas Whitaker shortly before he was to be put to death Feb. 22.

Gaza explosion would reverberate regionally

Thirteen years after Israel withdrew its settlers and military from the Gaza Strip, this 140-square-mile narrow patch of land that is one 10th the size of the smallest U.S. state of Rhode Island, is on the verge of a total infrastructural and economic collapse. 

Prayer for peace in Congo, South Sudan a call to action, cardinal says

Pope Francis' call for a day of prayer and fasting for peace in war-torn countries like South Sudan and Congo is also a reminder for world leaders to protect their countrymen from violence and injustice, a Vatican official said. 

South Sudanese leaders don't know how to make peace, say Catholic bishops

On the day Pope Francis designated for global prayers for peace in South Sudan and Congo, Catholic bishops in South Sudan said their leaders did not know how to make peace.

NCR Podcast: Spring books preview

Listen: NCR books editor Jamie Manson previews new releases by Jesuit Fr. Paul Crowley, St. Joseph Sr. Elizabeth Johnson, and John Dominic​ Crossan.

Campus Notebook: US women's hockey team full of Boston College players; Faggioli honored

College roundup: Boston College contributes to hockey gold; Massimo Faggioli gets his first U.S. degree; Marian U. and Ivy Tech community college reciprocate; Felician University celebrate black history month with poetry

Morning Briefing

NCR Today: Guns, guns, guns and what we think about them. Take some time to pray this Lent. U.S. immigration service officially removes 'nation of immigrants' from its mission statement. The tragedy that is Syria.

You can't keep politics out of sports: That's a good thing

New series 'The Gospel of Sports': Politics and sports, both in the public realm, are bound to mingle. While we're watching political arguments play out in the sports world, the influence could run the other direction. 

Don't let 'Janus' case axe root of American labor

Distinctly Catholic: The danger to the church in this lawsuit is obvious: If Mr. Janus can join a union and then seek to blow it up, why can't someone join the workforce at a Catholic university and then insist that he not be made to teach Aquinas?